Rouen Cathedral That Monet Painted Is Saved from Fire

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A tarp covering a spire on a cathedral in Rouen, France, caught fire on Thursday, forcing authorities to race to save the famed Gothic structure.

Firefighters isolated the blaze on the cathedral, formally titled Notre-Dame de Rouen, to its spire. They quelled the situation in just over an hour, though the sight of smoke billowing from the beloved structure drew comparisons to the infamous 2019 inferno of Notre-Dame Cathedral, which is set to reopen in December. 

According to city officials, the fire was caused by a tarp covering the Notre-Dame de Rouen’s spire, which has been under renovation since 2017 restoration. The spire, named after Jean-Antoine Alavoine, a 19th-century architect, has been surrounded by scaffolding for several weeks.

The cathedral, located about 70 miles northwest of Paris, was evacuated, and no significant damage was caused to the structure. The Ministry of Culture said the fire was caused by “mishandling by workers,” Le Figaro reported.

No casualties were reported and the structure did not sustain significant damage. 

Jean-Benoît Albertini, prefect of Seine-Maritime, said in a statement: “We are dealing with a very high-value heritage asset. An inventory is under way of the works that could be affected by... shares this Content with License.

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Rouen Cathedral That Monet Painted Is Saved from Fire