Norway records show a drop in outbreaks for 2023

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The number of outbreaks and people sick in them declined in Norway in 2023, but this past year saw the country record one of its most serious-ever E. coli outbreaks.

Twenty-five outbreaks were caused by contaminated foodstuffs, with 518 people sick. This is down from 34 outbreaks and 628 cases in 2022. For eight outbreaks with 290 patients, the agent was unknown.

The most common agent in foodborne outbreaks in 2023 was norovirus on five occasions. Three were due to Salmonella, and two each because of cryptosporidium and enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC).

The norovirus outbreaks sickened 105 people. Salmonella Napoli, Salmonella Kintambo, and another serotype affected 14 people. The E. coli incidents sickened 36 people and 23 patients, and they were recorded as cryptosporidium outbreaks.

One Campylobacter outbreak had 16 cases, and one Bacillus outbreak sickened 15 people. Ten cases were reported in an E. coli outbreak and seven in a Listeria outbreak. Two Clostridium botulinum cases were linked to eating Spanish omelet (tortilla de patata) in Spain.

Four outbreaks were traced to restaurants, cafes, pubs, and fast food outlets, and three to hotels or other accommodation and company workplaces.

Vegetables and herb products were behind four outbreaks with 40 cases. Drinking water caused two outbreaks with 150 patients. Beef and cereal-based products were both linked to two outbreaks.

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A national E. coli O26:H11 outbreak affected 24 people, nine children developing hemo... shares this Content with License.

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Norway records show a drop in outbreaks for 2023