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Keswick Creamery recalls cheeses because of potential Listeria contamination

Keswick Creamery at Carrock Farms LLC of Newburg, PA, is recalling various raw and pasteurized cheese products because all products manufactured by the firm have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

The recalled products were distributed to farm stores and farmers markets in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. The recall was initiated on Aug. 25 and is ongoing.

Recalled products:

# Product Description Recall Number Classification Code Information Product Quantity 1 Aged raw milk cheese “Ploughman Cider Wash Tomme” batch 47 4 oz to 12 oz packages F-1795-2022 Class I Batch 47 23 lbs 2 Aged raw milk cheese “Vulkwin’s Folly Scratch 2” 4oz-12oz packages F-1796-2022 Class I Batch 25 49 lbs 3 Aged raw milk cheese “Wallaby” 4 oz to 12 oz packages F-1797-2022 Class I Batch 27 46 lbs 4 Aged raw milk cheese “Calverley” 4 oz to 12 oz packages F-1798-2022 Class I Batch 317 23 lbs 5 Aged raw milk cheese “Feta” in 4 oz to 12 oz packages F-1799-2022 Class I Batches 102 and 139 Batch 102 10 lbs; Batch 139 24 lbs 6 Pasteurized milk cheese “Whole Milk Ricotta” 8 oz and 16 oz clear deli container, expiration dates 7/18/22, 7/25/22, 8/1/22, 8/8/22, 8/18/22 F-1800-2022 Class I Batches 7/4; 7/11; 7/18; 7/25; and 8/4 Batch 7/4 34 lbs; Batch 7/11 34 lbs; Batch 7/18 35 lbs; Batch 7/25 35 lbs; Batch 8/4 34 lbs 7 Pasteurized milk cheese “Havarti” 4 oz to 12 oz packages F-1801-2022 Class I Batch 123 42 lbs . 8 Bovre, multiple flavors: plain; oregano and garlic; herbes de Provence; cranberry and honey. 8oz clear deli container, expiration dates 7/25/22, 8/1/22, 8/8/22, 8/22/22 F-1802-2022 Class I Batches 7/4, 7/11, 7/18, and 8/1 Batch 7/4 23 lbs; Batch 7/11 23 lbs; Batch 7/18 22 lbs; Batch 8/1 22 lbs 9 Pasteurized milk cheese “Quark”, multiple flavors “Dill and Onion”, and “Plain” 8 oz and 16 oz clear deli container, expiration dates 7/7/22, 8/4/22, 8/25/22 F-1803-2022 Class I Batches 6/22, 7/20, and 8/11 Batch 6/22 17 lbs; Batch 7/20 16 lbs; Batch 8/11 17 lbs 10 Vermeer Cheese in 4 oz to 12 oz packages F-1804-2022 Class I Batches 6/22, 7/20, and 8/11 141 lbs

Consumers should not consume recalled products.

About Listeria infections Food contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes may not look or smell spoiled but can still cause serious and sometimes life-threatening infections. Anyone who has eaten any recalled products and developed symptoms of Listeria infection should seek medical treatment and tell their doctors about the possible Listeria exposure.

Also, anyone who has eaten any of the recalled product should monitor themselves for symptoms during the coming weeks because it can take up to 70 days after exposure to Listeria for symptoms of listeriosis to develop. 

Symptoms of Listeria infection can include vomiting, nausea, persistent fever, muscle aches, severe headache, and neck stiffness. Specific laboratory tests are required to diagnose Listeria infections, which can mimic other illnesses. 

Pregnant women, the elderly, young children, and people such as cancer patients who have weakened immune systems are particularly at risk of serious illnesses, life-threatening infections, and other complications. Although infected pregnant women may experience only mild, flu-like symptoms, their infections can lead to premature delivery, infection of the newborn, or even stillbirth.

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Read the full Article: Keswick Creamery recalls cheeses because of potential Listeria contamination

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